Installation video for three screens inspired by Isidore Ducasse "Les Chants de Maldoror"
Written and directed by Daniel ALZATE-ROMERO and Lucio MOLINARI.

«A man looks into the sky, in a moment of enlightenment he takes conscience of his presence and moves magnetically through space.

There, he finds a mysterious image of himself, making this meeting the epicenter of a triple act of martyrium. Time and space are composed and decomposed through a multi-screen device.

His flesh and the void become the visual substance which put the disfiguration of this bust-man in scene, his autodestruction is the vestige of the meeting of the individual and his Thanatos.
The supernatural will and the surreal character of this being are expressed trough abstract and synthetic images. Real and virtual are confounded alternatively with the same dynamic as good and evil succeed throughout the cosmic cycle.»

Cette oeuvre vidéo est l'une (la plus visitée) des 28 productions inspirées des Chants de Maldoror actuellement disponibles sur le site YouTube!