Les Chants inspirent les musiciens d'aujourd'hui

Le groupe de création multidisciplinaire Anti-Delusion mechanism d'Amsterdam a réalisé une réinterprétation des Chants de Maldoror sous la forme d'une partition de musique contemporaine alliant chant, instruments classiques et instruments électroniques, résultat de dix ans de travail continu. Une édition partielle sur CD de ce travail exceptionnellement provocateur est désormais disponible pour 15 euros. Tous les détails ainsi que des extraits au format mp3 sur le site du groupe HOLISPOLIS:
With a great sense of achievement we are pleased to announce the release of "The Songs of Maldoror" by Anti-Delusion Mechanism; an indepedent and lusciuos edition of 1000 cd's with a 20 page booklet. The songs are taken from the 19th century book of the same title, originally written in french by Comte de Lautreamont, and have been faithfully translated and rendered to song by Hodja Hog. While the unique character of the music contained herein is wrought from self-made wood and string instruments with a touch of fx and analog synthesizer by Dead Fish Fuck. Throughout the years many have attempted to render this book into other forms, be it film, dance, or music; most have remained unfinished due perhaps to the difficulty of the material itself or complications within the groups attempting this feat. For us this has been a project of passion coursing through the previous ten years, and while the original recordings were created and mastered over two years ago we believe they retain volatility and originality. Though this CD represents only a small portion of the original text we are confident that it succeeds in rendering the atmosphere of the original work and at the same time providing something fresh and innovative to the world of today. We have taken it upon ourselves to compliment this CD with a package that reflects our passion for the beauty of the original work. We hope that our listeners will find this a refreshing and enjoyable addition to the realm of their experience.

CD in gold-printed black cover with inner-sleeve, 20 page booklet with photos, drawings and text
to see examples of this artwork please look at the other pages of the this site: maldoror and photo gallery